This is

During the autumn of 2021 we discovered that large parts of the leasing business was still missing the digital tools that most other industries have had for years. We as a group decided then and there that something should be done.

Roughly 6 months later we launched our platform dedicated to the leasing industry where we have implemented our own ideas as well as incorporated existing modern functionality with the goal to improve and consolidate the industry - we call it Leasing 2.0 or Vispace!

So what does leasing 2.0 really mean? Put in simple words and examples, we saw many outdated websites with very limited functionality and design. The leasing process was also blunt and difficult and in most cases not very effective. We decided we want to digitalize and streamline the process from start to end for both the landlord and the tenant. Utilizing and incorporating smart advertisement, integrated marketplace, government approved e-identification, online payment solutions, error handling and instant communication we believe that Vispace can become the one-stop omniplatform for both landlords and tenants.


Vispace has launched and is already a powerful and reliable platform. However, we can say with certainty there is even more areas we want to improve in the near future and this task will never really be finished as technology continues to advance every day!

We hope that all our customers today - both landlords and tenants feel that we are on the correct path and know that our minds are always open for suggestions and ideas to improve our service!

Yours sincerely

Jonathan & Gustav